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The air conditioning system ensures best climatic comfort in your car - 12 months a year! The temperature in the car remains welcomingly constant, i.e. you are able to maintain concentration levels for longer and you reach your destination safely.

However, the air conditioning system contributes even more to your safety. In addition to the pleasantly cool temperatures on hot days, it ensures that the air in the car’s interior is quickly dehumidified.
This means that any condensation on the windows is removed faster. The very pleasant side effect is that dehumidified air in the car is much more salubrious and thus better for your health.

However, for the sake of your health you should have your air conditioning system serviced at regular intervals. Two aspects are to be particularly observed:

The evaporator – disinfection on a regular basis is required.
Bacteria, fungus spores and other micro-organisms readily nest here. These then easily find their way into the car’s interior via the ventilation tract and proceed to cause unpleasant, allergic reactions in many people.
Disinfecting the evaporator is the only remedy!

The car interior filter – needs to be changed on a regular basis.
This filter is particularly important to guarantee clean air in the car’s interior. It filters pollen, dust, dirt and other particles out of the air.The car interior filter should be replaced once a year or every 15,000 kilometres.

Make sure the fresh air in your car deserves this name!

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